Color Tools for Designers

It’s been years since I used to clip and tear pages from Pottery Barn, Travel + Leisure, and direct mail pieces to use my Pantone Color Cue to determine their values, and save for a future project. I still have like a hundred of these “sets” just gathering dust and fading in their plastic tub in my closet. Ridiculous.

Flash forward 5 years to today, and color is as important as ever. Only now we have tools. Real tools. Cool tools.

Kuler is the first. Create a color palette. Go crazy; save to your profile; share; go crazy.

ColourLovers is the next. Even better, you can link to a photo on the web and it creates a palette for you. Uber amazing, and it’s all digital.

No more plastic tubs filled with paper clippings and outdated palettes. Trees and landfills rejoice.

~ by joshuacreative on July 2, 2008.

One Response to “Color Tools for Designers”

  1. Thanks for the post about kuler! FYI, you can create color palettes from your desktop photos or Flickr photos. Under Create > From an Image. Go crazy all over again. 🙂

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