Best (not new) Design Blog: Positive Space

I can’t truly say Positive Space is the best…that would require me to know everything else out there. I only know 99% of it, and don’t want to lie.

I can say, however, it’s the best new addition to my Google Reader since Swissmiss. So good that I’m constantly contemplating (say that 10 times real fast) toying with the idea of cutting/pasting content into my blogs so others can read, as is.

~ by joshuacreative on August 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “Best (not new) Design Blog: Positive Space”

  1. Please don’t copy and paste it, I worked very hard to write all that stuff 🙂 Links are more than welcome though. Thanks for all your praise and the link!

  2. Okay. I won’t. 🙂

    Serious thanks for all you write and the content you provide. It’s amazing.

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