Best 6 Blogs

I once read voraciously—but only in little snippets (now). At one point a Dostoevsky novel was a good read. Now, it’s an overwhelming monstrosity I can barely comprehend. My brain is slowly decomposing.

So, the new medium for me is blogs (and everyone else, yes). Here are my top six for the time being:

DYSKE: brilliantly written critical thinking, philosophy and pop culture articles to jog deeper thoughts, flitting under the surface of life like koi fish in a pond.

FFFFOUND: a multi-user compendium of things to be seen. a virutal candy store of visual offerings from all over the net [beware: occasional “artistic” images]

POSITIVE SPACE: critical thinking in relation to graphics and visual design. well written and superbly thought out.

A PHOTO EDITOR: short dissertations on the industry surrounding photography with special focus on publications, news editorials. deeply involved and poignantly focused. excellent.

CHURCH OF THE CONSUMER: marketing analysis and clear thoughts on word of mouth marketing in a social network minded world. good reviews of other material.

OMG POSTERS: constantly revolving eye-candy made by true artists. this is the inspiration storehouse for items I want on my walls.


~ by joshuacreative on September 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “Best 6 Blogs”

  1. Thanks for the shout out!

  2. lots of good ones there…thanks…mike.

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