Telling a Better Story, by Dandelion

I just read an overview of a studio named Dandelion who purports to excel at storytelling. The complexity of their promotions is staggering from the perspective of a small fry. It’s big business….but it all comes back (down) to reaching the heart. As stated on the PSFK blog:

Brands today need to be transparent, accessible, human. This is what consumers relate to. These commercials aim to tap into these same ideals by bringing brands to life and appealing to our emotions. If they succeed, will we soon be TiVoing commercials and skipping the shows?

Check out the WORK section on Dandelion’s website and navigate thru the sub-menu icons to read the story on each product they worked with. Pretty inspiring (and scary).


Another example of this comes from Gems Sty and their preview of a short film about a deaf Thai girl who learns to play the violin. See the article here.

Great story and moving right? Emotive? Connective?

Yep, it’s an ad.


~ by joshuacreative on November 26, 2008.

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