I just came across the creative portfolio of Josh Kenyon. Loved the illustration and fun sketch graphics. These are pretty ubiquitous, and everyone is hopping on the bandwagon of loose style, but there’s some great thought and color usage in Josh’s work that stands above the crowd. See it all here.

*NEW* The World needs more Stache 18×24 poster (for sale soon)
*NEW* Custom Painted YOKA Bear – Subtext & Cardboard Spaceship Show *FOR SALE
DC Shoes & Subtext Store “KICKS” Show – Josh Kenyon “Seekers”
A Year with You – handmade book for my wife for our first anniversary (select pages not in order)
Beware of Friends
Save a Life
Sky Pipes (pen & watercolor)
Dont Punch Owls (paint pen & acrylic)
Lovebirds (acrylic & paint pen)
Substratum Apparel – Growing Strong (silkscreen poster) http://www.substratumapparel.com
Substratum Apparel – I Agree Peace Is Better (silkscreen poster) http://www.substratumapparel.com

~ by joshuacreative on February 5, 2009.

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