Little Planet Photos

If you’ve never stopped in at the Web Urbanist blog, and you like seeing compilations of visually cool things, I don’t know how you’ve survived until now. It’s probably not been a very good existence…makes me shed a tear just thinking about it.

Okay! Over that burst of emotion, and on to another: I’ve played with 360 panoramic lenses before, and was pretty stoked to build a virtual world of them for an online tour of Hume Lake back in the day. Anyway, the images come back in these “little globe” circles that one has to use filters to untangle and flatten into “normal” horizontal photos. Still, it always began with a circled image that looks like an island or globe.

There are a few photographers now taking 360 panoramic images and leaving them that way, just for the art of the island/globe images. Truly, they’re stunning and really fun to view in this way. My eye keeps trying to unravel the horizontal panoramic from these, but I actually love them more as-is. See what you think!

More photos from Gadl

More photos from heiwa

More photos by Seb Przd

More cool photos and photographers via.


~ by joshuacreative on March 24, 2009.

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