The ‘Best’ List

Best Christian Preacher :: Alistair Begg (podcast here)

Best Font Foundry :: Letterhead Fonts
Best Graphic Designer :: Fabien Barral
Best Ambigram Designer :: John Langdon
Best Engraving Illustrator :: Gustave Dore
Best Website Designer :: Cameron Moll
Best Photographer :: Jim Erickson
Best Marketer :: Seth Godin
Best All-Round Artist :: Jeremy Cowart

Best Logo Showcase :: Logo Lounge
Best Packaging Showcase :: The Dieline

Best TV Show :: Mad Men (season 1)
Best Album :: The Joshua Tree

Best Art Ideas Blog :: OMG Posters
Best Logo/Branding Blog :: Brand New
Best Cultural Analysis Blog :: Dyske
Best Visual Compendium Blog :: FFFFound
Best Critical Thinking/Design Blog :: Positive Space
Best Photo Industry Analysis Blog :: A Photo Editor
Best Word of Mouth Marketing Analysis Blog :: Church of the Consumer


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